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Financial Secrets Revealed

Amanda Cassar

The podcast is based on Amanda Cassar's book: Financial Secrets Revealed and asks people from all walks of life about their money journey. Whether surviving on Government pensions; or thriving with multi-million dollar enterprises or running global charities; Amanda wanted to go behind the scenes and unveil the financial secrets behind the people. These interviews do a deep dive into people's money stories, the lessons they've learned, how they've overcome setbacks and asks about the legacies they'd like to leave behind.

Amanda is a writer, dreamer, author, blogger, regular traveler, business owner, friend, mother, wife and philanthropist. She loves good food, great wine, the company of her friends and family and a fabulous pair of heels. She totally believes that life is meant to be lived and has trekked the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda to see the endangered Mountain Gorillas, has gone scuba diving from Lake Malawi to the Cook Islands and has her motorbike license.

Amanda is the sole Director of Wealth Planning Partners, a financial advisory firm and Trusted Aged Care Services, helping families navigate the maze of Aged Care. She is a proud supporter of the financial services industry and a champion for raising financial literacy levels.

This podcast is for entertainment and educational purposes only. It does not replace professional financial, tax or legal advice. Any advice is general in nature and takes no account of your personal objectives, situation or needs. Because of that, you need to consider if you should act on the information. If you purchase any product mentioned in this podcast, you should read the Product Disclosure Statement and obtain appropriate financial advice that is tailored to your personal needs.